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Regarding “The Canadian Game” Hockey Print

Your painting filled me with emotion that I can’t even describe.  Every time I look at it I discover something else.  The detail is just incredible and shows your love of the game that so many of us share.  
Drew R. – New Jersey

As a long time fan and student of the game, I am at a loss for words on the scope of your work.  
Jim J. – Niagara Falls, Ontario

I just got my issue of Sports Illustrated and noticed your Sistine Chapel of Hockey.  I was blown away by your creation!  This is a great Canadian piece of art, created by a great Canadian.  
Kyle P. – Brampton

I’m a huge hockey fan and an art history major.  I can’t imagine a better work to be put up on my wall.  Excellent job! 
Nick C.

I just wanted to email and say thank you. My father ordered me the print and it is just glorious. I laid it out on the table for my family and had a great time telling them all the stories of the scenes and the great players and everyone just marveled at the detail. My one uncle who I share the Devils season tickets with, just had a blast naming all the old players he had seen play in person on there.  
My wife was very impressed at how great it looked in person and promises it will have a place of prominence when we buy our new home. Thank you so much.
Drew R. –
White Plains, New York

From the Press:  Published Quotes about “The Canadian Game”

A hockey masterpiece… “The Canadian Game” is a minutely detailed, intricately designed wonder unprecedented in the annals of Canadian sports art and perhaps sports art anywhere in the world. 
Mark Brender – The Hockey News

John Mahnic has taken his love of hockey and elevated it to high art. 
Wayne Rostand – CBC Television program, ‘On the Road Again’

Mahnic’s canvas glistens with an almost jewel-like luster.  Other art pales beside the majesty and determination reflected in “The Canadian Game”. 
Joe Fisher – The National Post

The details are infinite.  Mahnic has populated the painting with players, personalities, and memorable moments, a chronicle of the game’s storied past. 
Brent Davis – The
Kitchener Record

It’s the “Great Canadian Painting”! 
Doug Wilson – General Manager,
San Jose Sharks and NHL Alumni Association Past President

“The Canadian Game” is the ultimate hockey collectible. 
John Lu – TSN (The Sports Network)

Regarding the Christmas Prints

How do I begin to say thank you?  The prints arrived yesterday and my wife started to cry with joy.  They are fabulous! 
Joe B. – Stoney Creek, Ontario

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your “Santa” painting.  After admiring a friend’s print, she bought me a copy.  I received my early Christmas present yesterday, and already have it handing in my living room.  Now I can’t wait to share your hockey paintings with my husband! 
Crystal A. –
Port Huron, Michigan

I purchased a print of Christmas Angels today and I just love your work and style. I also bought one
for a gift. 
Jani B.

Thank you so, so much for the prints! I received them yesterday, and the “Night Before Christmas ” went to the framer today.  I'm so excited!  It was great doing business with you.  We’re not just “Santa” fans, we’re “John Mahnic” fans! 
Amy B. –
New Castle, Pennsylvania

My father had played Santa for 59 years for family, friends and charities.  I saw the “Santa” print somewhere and fell in love with it several years ago. I couldn't ask for a better gift for my father.  I can't believe that I have finally found it. I hope that I can continue share the Christmas Spirit just has he has done.  What a wonderful print.  
John K. –
Sioux Falls, Iowa

I have your print “Santa”. Oh how I love it!  Christmas would not be the same without that print hanging on my wall.  I love that picture with all my heart. 
Betty M. –
Davison, Michigan

I have several people I would like to order “Santa” prints for, to give to them as gifts.  They have been trying to talk me out of mine and it is not going to happen! 
Deborah G.

I have bought five prints of your "Night Before Christmas" painting to give as
gifts this Christmas and also one to keep for myself. I absolutely adore
this painting! 
Diane J.

I saw your "Santa" print for the first time last year at a neighbor’s home and feel in love with it and have tried and tried to find one.  Then I was at another neighbor’s this evening and again saw it but this time was able to see who had done this extraordinary piece of work.  I immediately came home got on the computer and I am now excited about purchasing a “Santa” for myself! 
Gail M.

Thank you very much for the print. You did a fantastic job with the 
packing and everything arrived in perfect condition. I will keep checking on your site to see what you are working on next. 
Jeremy W. –
Orangeville, Ontario

Last year I purchased your "The Night Before Christmas" print and immediately fell in love with your Santa!  I displayed your print in my classroom at school for a bulletin board entitled "Believe!" Your print and the word "Believe" made a powerful statement. All the children would see it, would comment about how you had captured all the children peeping as though they had just seen Santa themselves. “The Night Before Christmas” will always be remembered by me as the print that restored my belief of happiness at Christmas. 
Kim R.

I own your “Night Before Christmas” and I love it. It hangs in my living room every day of the year. Just looking at it makes me happy. I looked at it tonight and decided to look you up on the internet. I wanted to tell you how much I love your picture. Thank you.
Pam T.

I purchased your “Santa” print last year.  I have two daughters that both really like my print, so I would like to get them each one for Christmas.  We lost our mother a while ago and she wanted them to have something they would really enjoy and I know this print is the answer. 
Carol Q. – Cobourg,

We have enjoyed your picture, The Spirit of Christmas, daily, as we have it hanging in our living room.  My choice, actually, as I feel Christmas should be in the hearts of everyone, all year round.  The “Santa” print  has been a wonderful conversational piece and all of our friends and family have thought it very unique. 
Liz E. – Parry Sound, Ontario

Thank you for the wonderful feeling I get each and every time I
look at my “Santa” prints.  I leave them hanging year round. 
Sandi B. –
Oshawa, Ontario

One of our social club members had a “Santa” on her wall at Christmas time and we all just fell in love with it.  So I made it my mission to find it!  Thank-you for your beautiful work! 
Teri F. –
Elkhart, Indiana

I would like to let you know how much I enjoy your paintings. It was just this past Christmas that I picked up your "Night Before Christmas". Actually, I picked up two of them. Although, I would like to keep both for
myself I think I will give one to my close friend so she can enjoy it as much as I do.  Thanks so much for sharing your talent with all of us. 
Wanda S. –
Brampton, Ontario

My Mom and Dad have had your "Santa" print hanging in their home for years; it hangs in their foyer (with its own spotlight!) and greets all as they enter.  It has become a wonderful part of my Christmas memories.  About 6 years ago, when my husband began spending Christmas with me and my family, he admired it and fell in love with your print.  We would love the image to grace the walls of our own home now that we are married.
Lesley H. – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I saw your print a friend's house last year and fell in love with it!!  I am a huge Santa fan and yours is the sweetest Santa I've ever seen.  I want to get it framed and over the mantle before Christmas.  The other one is a gift for a dear friend.  Thanks for your beautiful artwork and for sharing your talent with those of us who can't draw a stick figure!
Nancy S.  Aurora, Ohio

A few years ago I purchase the Santa picture and it has become a part of our Christmas tradition.  My family loves it! I put it up every year in my family room to admire and it looks great by the Christmas tree. I would like to purchase one for a relative this year.  I have to tell you – A group of us (family and friends) play Bunco and each year they have played at my home for the Christmas gathering and my cousin has tried to get out of my house with your art piece each year.   Everyone loves your art.  She is the one I’d like to purchase the picture for!
Trudy T.   Toledo, Ohio





























































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