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The Spirit of Christmas


The “Spirit of Christmas” print was originally developed by John Mahnic to be a Christmas print that people could hang in their homes year round.  The character in Santa’s face, combined with the children hidden throughout the beard, have made this one of the best-selling Canadian prints of all time. The girl that is being handed the flowers to is John’s daughter, Tiffany.  Near the bottom of the print, a girl has her elbows on a child’s head, who happens to be John’s son, Michael.  The child wearing the glasses and looking over the rims is supposed to be Santa as a child. 

It has touched many people’s hearts, and has resulted in some interesting stories.  One gentleman saw a young lady admiring the Santa at the store.  She remarked to this stranger that she loved the print but couldn’t afford it. The gentleman bought it for her, raced after her, and presented it to her in the parking lot.  A ‘thank you’ coffee eventually led to wedding vows, all because of “The Spirit of Christmas”. 

lux Falls, Iowa

Last year I purchased your "Spirit of Christmas" print and immediately fell in love with it!  I displayed your print in my classroom at school for a bulletin board entitled "Believe!" Your print and the word "Believe" made a powerful statement. All the children would see it, would comment about how you had captured all the children peeping as though they had just seen Santa themselves. “The Spirit of Christmas” will always be remembered by me as the print that restored my belief of happiness at Christmas. 
Kim R. – Elkhart, Indiana

I have your print “The Spirit of Christmas”. Oh how I love it!  Christmas would not be the same without that print hanging on my wall.  I love that picture with all my heart. 
Betty M. – Davison, Michigan

I have several people I would like to buy “The Spirit of Christmas” prints for, to give to them as gifts.  They have been trying to talk me out of mine and it is not going to happen! 
Deborah G. – Erie, Pennsylvania

I have bought five prints of your "Spirit of Christmas" painting to give as
gifts this Christmas and also one to keep for myself. I absolutely adore
this painting! 
Diane J. – Dayton, Ohio

I purchased your “Spirit of Christmas” print last year.  I have two daughters that both really like my print, so I would like to get them each one for Christmas.  We lost our mother a while ago and she wanted them to have something they would really enjoy and I know this print is the answer. 
Carol Q. – Cobourg, Ontario

We have enjoyed your picture “The Spirit of Christmas” daily, as we have it hanging in our living room.  My choice, actually, as I feel Christmas should be in the hearts of everyone, all year round. “The Spirit of Christmas” print  has been a wonderful conversational piece and all of our friends and family have thought it very unique. 
Liz E. – Parry Sound, Ontario

Thank you for the wonderful feeling I get each and every time I
look at my “Spirit of Christmas” print.  I leave it hanging year round. 
Sandi B. – Oshawa, Ontario


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